EN: Unit 7 > Lesson 2 switch trainer

etw. mögen

I'm into playing football - it's great fun.


You have to pay at the checkout.


I've washed the clothes. Can you do the ironing?

einkaufen (gehen)

Mum usually does the shopping at the supermarket.

(den) Abwasch machen

Can you do the washing up after dinner?


You must be over 16 to enter the competition.

(es) ist mir egal

A You'll miss something exciting. B I don't care!

(den) Tisch decken

Shall I lay the table for breakfast?

das Bett machen

Please make the bed when you get up.

(einen) Test bestehen

Sarah was very happy. She passed her exams.


You must put away your things and tidy your room.


On an aeroplane, you have to wear a seat belt for take-off and landing.


You have to be at the airport two hours before take-off.