EN: Unit 8 switch trainer

nuisance (n) /ˈnjuːsəns/

Sorry to be a nuisance, but could I use your phone?

ask a favour (v phr) /ɑːsk eɪ ˈfeɪvə/

Can I ask you a favour? Would you help me with my maths homework, please?

do a favour (v phr) /duː ə ˈfeɪvə/

I always used to do favours for my grandparents when they were alive.

get to know (v phr) /get tə nəʊ/

My husband seems really grumpy at first, but once you get to know him, he's a very nice man.

get on your nerves (v phr) /ɡets ɒn jɔː nɜːvz/

It really gets on my nerves when people eat noisily!

invite over (v phr) /ɪnˈvaɪt ˈəʊvə/

Mike and Ilene have invited us over for a cup of tea this afternoon.

keep yourself to yourself (v phr) /kiːp jəˈself tə jəˈself/

I don't know anything about my neighbour – he keeps himself to himself.

make friends with (v phr) /meɪk frendz wɪð/

Have you made friends with many people since you moved here?

mind your own business (v phr) /maɪnd yɔː əʊn ˈbɪznəs/

I never listen to people gossiping – I prefer to mind my own business.

exchange (v) /ɪksˈtʃeɪndʒ/

The two armies exchanged prisoners.

regardless of (adv) /rɪˈgɑːdləs əv/

I'm going to do it, regardless of what you say.

rural (adj) /ˈrʊərəl/

What are the advantages and disadvantages of rural life?

figure (n) /ˈfɪgə/

The latest unemployment figures are extremely worrying.

drop (v) /drɒp/

Car sales this year have dropped to an all-time low.

well-off (adj) /ˌwel ˈɒf /

Her family are quite well-off.

car park (n) /kɑː pɑːk/

Do you have to pay to use the car park?

car rental (n) /kɑː ˈrentl/

Do you know how much car rental from the airport costs?

city centre (n) /ˈsɪti ˈsentə/

We live just outside the city centre.

duty-free shop (n) /ˌdjuːt i ˈfriː  ʃɒp/

Can you buy me a bottle of whisky from the duty-free shop in the airport, please?

gift shop (n) /gɪft ʃɒp/

I never buy anything from gift shops when I'm on holiday – they're so expensive!

high street (n) /haɪ striːt/

A new bookshop has opened on the high street.

housing zone (n) /ˈhaʊzɪŋ zəʊn/

That new housing zone has destroyed a lot of animals' habitats.

industrial zone (n) /ɪnˈdʌstriəl zəʊn/

Their new office is in the industrial zone to the west of the city centre.

language school (n) /ˈlæŋgwɪdʒ skuːl/

I've just enrolled for Swahili classes at the language school round the corner from where I work.

one-way street (n) /ˌwʌn ˈweɪ  striːt/

Be careful the police don't catch you driving down a one-way street!

outdoor market (n) /ˌaʊtˈdɔː ˈmɑːkɪt/

The outdoor market is every Sunday, and is open from 6a.m. to 2p.m.

primary school (n) /ˈpraɪməri skuːl/

Which primary school did you go to?

semi-detached house (n) /ˈsemi dɪˈtætʃt haʊs/

We used to live in a semi-detached house when I was a child.

shopping centre (n) /ˈʃɒpɪŋ ˈsentə/

What do you think of the new shopping centre they're building next to the industrial zone?

shopping mall (n) /ˈʃɒpɪŋ mɔːl/

Does your city have a shopping mall?

sports centre (n) /spɔːts ˈsentə/

I've just enrolled in yoga classes at the sports centre.

supermarket (n) /ˈsuːpə ˈmɑːkɪt/

I'm going to the supermarket. Do you need anything?

terraced house (n) /ˈterəst haʊs/

Living in a terraced house can be very noisy.

traffic jam (n) /ˈtræfɪk dʒæm/

We were stuck in a traffic jam for hours.

traffic lights (n) /ˈtræfɪk laɪts/

My house is just after the traffic lights, on the left.

provoke (v) /prəˈvəʊk/

If you provoke my dog, he'll probably bite you.

remark (n) /rɪˈmɑːk/

Carl made an unkind remark about her hair.

reassure (v) /ˌriːəˈʃʊə/

Police have reassured the public that the area is now perfectly safe.

block of flats (n) /blɒk əv flæts/

What do you think of that new block of flats they're building next to the river?

assistance (n) /əˈsɪstəns/

Can I give you some assistance?

rescue (v) /ˈreskjuː/

He rescued two people from the fire.

terrorise (v) /ˈterəraɪz/

Many people have been terrorised into leaving their homes by the army.

goldfish (n) /ˈgəʊldˈfɪʃ/

When I went to the fair last weekend, I won a goldfish from a stall.

chef (n) /ʃef/

My brother is training as a chef.

grateful (adj) /ˈgreɪtfəl/

Mona was very grateful to Peter for his advice.

feed (v) /fiːd/

Have you fed the cats?

several (quantifier) /ˈsevərəl/

I called her several times but she didn't answer.

essential (adj) /ɪˈsenʃəl/

A balanced diet is essential for good health.

graffiti (n) /græˈfiːti, grə-/

Do you have a problem with graffiti where you live?

traffic congestion (n) /ˈtræfɪk -ˈdʒestʃən/

The bad weather is causing serious traffic congestion.

main road (n) /meɪn rəʊd/

We live just off the main road.

public (adj) /ˈpʌblɪk/

Public opinion is in favour of the war.

window shopping (n) /ˈwɪndəʊ ˈʃɒpɪŋ/

Window shopping is a cheap alternative to real shopping!

factual (adj) /ˈfæktʃuəl/

What's the best website to get accurate factual information from?

colony (n) /ˈkɒləni/

Algeria was formerly a French colony.

loyal (adj) /ˈlɔɪəl/

Dogs are very loyal animals.

social networking (n) /ˈsəʊʃəl ˈnetwɜːkɪŋ/

Are you a member of any social networking websites?

rise (n) /raɪz/

There has been a rise in the amout of organised crime in the last twelve months.

video clip (n) /ˈvɪdiəʊ klɪp/

Do you ever watch funny video clips on the internet?

video sharing platform (n) /ˈvɪdiəʊ ˈʃeər ɪŋ ˈplætfɔːm/

Have you ever put any videos on a video sharing platform?

development (n) /dɪˈveləpmənt/

Vitamins are necessary for a child’s growth and development.

technology-minded (adj) /tekˈnɒlədʒi ˈmaɪndəd/

My mum is really technology-minded – she knows more about the internet than I do!

link (n) /lɪŋk/

the link between drug use and crime

function (n) /ˈfʌŋkʃən/

Lighting performs several functions in the home.

comment on (v) /ˈkɒment ɒn/

The politician said he was unable to comment on the situation.

sense (n) /sens/

There was a great sense of sadness when they heard the news.

post (v) /pəʊst/

Have you seen the photos from New Year's Eve? I posted them on my blog yesterday.

LOL (laugh out loud) (phr v) /ˈel əʊ ˈel (lɑːf aʊt laʊd)/

LOL those pictures are so funny!

launch (n) /lɔːntʃ/

The new women's magazine wll be launched tomorrow.

phone application (n) /fəʊn ˌæplɪˈkeɪʃən/

I've got a brilliant app for my phone that lets me read e-books.

subscriber (n) /səbˈskraɪbə/

How many subscribers do you have to your weekly newsletter?

resource (n) /rɪˈzɔːs, -ˈsɔːs/

The internet is a fantastic information resource for students.

dating site (n) /ˈdeɪtɪŋ saɪt/

My sister met her partner on a dating site.

animation (n) /ˌænəˈmeɪʃən/

The site has too much animation which makes it very slow.

upload (v) /ʌpˈləʊd/

Does this website allow you to upload photos?

content (n) /ˈkɒntent/

The website’s content comes from its users who upload photos and videos.

user profile area (n) /ˈjuːzə ˈprəʊfaɪl ˈeəriə/

The site has user profile areas, where users can say who they are and what their interests are.

find out (phr v) /faɪnd aʊt/

When I want to find something out quickly, I Google it on my phone.

look up (phr v) /lʊk ʌp/

When I find a new word, I look it up in a dictionary to get the definition.

recommend (v) /ˌrekəˈmend/

Everyone I speak to recommends that I read this book!

range (n) /reɪndʒ/

Our shop has a new range of clothes for the spring/summer season.

menu (n) /ˈmenjuː/

You can chose from a range of different links on the menu.

category (n) /ˈkætəgəri/

Our local library has every category of book that you could imagine.

search engine (n) /sɜːtʃ ˈendʒɪn/

Which search engine do you use the most?

try out (phr v) /traɪ aʊt/

My brother-in-law lent me his camera to try it out.

be my guest (phr) /bi maɪ gest/

‘Could I use your phone?’ ‘Be my guest!’

excuse the mess (phr) /ɪkˈskjuːz ðə mes/

Come in! Excuse the mess, I haven't finished unpacking from my holiday yet!

have a seat (phr) /hæv eɪ siːt/

Come in and have a seat. The doctor will call you when he's ready.

help yourself (phr) /help jɔːˈself/

Please help yourself to more tea and biscuits.

make yourself at home (phr) /meɪk jɔːˈself ət həʊm/

Sit down and make yourself at home.

put your feet up (phr) /pʊt jə fiːt ʌp/

You've had a hard day – go and put your feet up!

permission (n) /pəˈmɪʃən/

Did your father give you permission to use his car?

guest (n) /gest/

How many guests are coming to your party?

sensitive (adj) /ˈsensətɪv/

The reason she loves him is because he's so sensitive.

tip (n) /tɪp/

I'm a subscriber to a website which sends me weekly photography tips.

formal (adj) /ˈfɔːməl/

I only wear a suit on formal occasions.

empty-handed (adj) /ˌemptiː ˈhændɪd /

You should never go to a party empty-handed; take a gift for the host.

greeting (n) /griːtɪŋ/

Shaking hands is the typical greeting in the UK.

title (n) /ˈtaɪtl/

His official title is Doctor Jones, not Mr Jones.

professor (n) /prəˈfesə/

My father was a professor of economics before he retired.

chairman (n) /ˈtʃeəmən/

Who is the chairman of British Airways?

realise (v) /ˈrɪəlaɪz/

I suddenly realised that the boy was crying.

take a call (v phr) /teɪk eɪ kɔːl/

Is it OK to take a personal call during a meeting?

dairy (adj) /ˈdeəri/

She's allergic to dairy products.

accidentally (adv) /ˌæksɪˈdentli/

I accidentally set off the fire alarm.

rip (v) /rɪp/

I ripped this advert out of the local newspaper for you.

host family (n) /həʊst ˈfæməli/

My host family were horrible and their house smelled of wet dog!

tribe (n) /traɪb/

One of the most famous tribes is the Masai of Kenya.

isolated (adj) /ˈaɪsəleɪtɪd/

I grew up an isolated farm in northern England.

remote (adj) /rɪˈməʊt/

The tribe lives in a remote village in the middle of the Amazon rainforest.

tradition (n) /trəˈdɪʃən/

The people are very proud of their traditions.

custom (n) /ˈkʌstəm/

She follows Islamic custom by covering her hair.

bind (v) /baɪnd/

A tribe's customs help to bind them together.

traditional (adj) /trəˈdɪʃənəl/

My wife is a master of traditional Italian cooking.

race (n) /reɪs/

The school welcomes children of all ages.

divide (v) /dəˈvaɪd/

The teacher divided the class into groups.

amongst (prep) /əˈmʌŋst/

The decision has caused a lot of anger amongst women.

population (n) /ˌpɒpjəˈleɪʃən/

What’s the population of Tokyo?

global warming (n) /ˈgləʊbəl ˈwɔːmɪŋ/

Scientists knew about global warming before the rest of the population.

remain (v) /rɪˈmeɪn/

In a few years, there won't be much rainforest remaining.

government (n) /ˈgʌvəmənt, ˈgʌvənmənt/

The Government is not doing enough to help the unemployed.

combine (v) /kəmˈbaɪn/

I try not to combine my work and my personal life.

environmentally-friendly (adj) /ɪnˌvaɪərənˈmentəliː ˈfrendli/

Scientists say that electric cars are more environmentally friendly than petrol-powered ones.

construction (n) /kənˈstrʌkʃən/

Local residents are against the construction of a new airport.

hammock (n) /ˈhæmək/

Have you ever slept in a hammock?

storm (n) /stɔːm/

There was a terrible storm last night.

sway (v) /sweɪ/

The boxer swayed for a few seconds then fell to the floor.

contribute (v) /kənˈtrɪbjuːt/

Everyone should contribute £2 for his birthday present.

vote on (v) /vəʊt ɒn/

Let's vote on who's going to discuss the problem with the boss.

rush hour (n) /rʌʃ aʊə/

I got caught in the morning rush hour and was late for work.

banker (n) /ˈbæŋkə/

She used to be a banker, bu tnow she's a primary school teacher.

national anthem (n) /ˈnæʃənəl ˈænθəm/

What's the national anthem of Scotland?